Al-Gətir – Türkiyə mağazalarından sifariş


We are carrying happiness!

Onlayn alış-veriş saytlarından (trendyol, HM, Flo, amazon, ebay, walmart və.s) geyim, qadın çantası, kosmetika, ayaqqabı, bujeteriya, uşaq oyuncaqları, uşaq geyimləri və.s sifariş edə bilərsiniz.


If you can buy product with own card, then you have to do follows:


  • First, register yourself at our website.


  • Enter to “My Cabinet” and submit the link to the product which you wish to buy at “Buy for me” section. System will show you the price, size, delivery service from country you order and extra 1-4% of service fee added last price. Please bear in mind that, in “Buy for me” we charge 1-4% service fee. Note that, if any of the information is missing, you will have to submit it manually.


  • After submitting the links you transfer the whole amount to our account and we buy the product on behalf of you together with the invoice. You can top up your Bringly account from eManat terminals, via submitting bank card information or with cash from our branch.

If you can buy product with own card, then you have to do follows:

Firstly, create an account via registration at


  • When you order directly from E-shop as a delivery address submit the address of our office in Turkey, which you can find at “Foreign addresses” section in your personal cabinet.
  • Pay with your card and fulfill your order
  • Lastly, after fulfilling the order go